Master Data is the DNA of your company.

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Master data is the DNA of a company; if governed well, it will bring sustainable success. Each of the components making up your business, in other words, everything that is the primary asset of your company makes up master data. Thanks to SAP Master Data Governance services, Medepia increases the quality of your enterprise and keeps it at a high level.

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Notifications Framework

It is the most novel and flexible method used to create the e-mail notification sent to the inbox of certain people according to the workflow.

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PTC Integrity

PTC WINDCHILL PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution provides web-based access to all the functions it offers that are independent of physical locations.

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Monitoring Cockpit

It shows the status of materials in the SAP system concerning the data. Easy to update...

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It represents a responsive and easy-to-use client experience customized for all devices and installation options.

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Data Quality

With SAP MDG module, more innovation, more consistency, and better quality in service...

S/4HANA Digital Transformation

A more efficient memory, compression technology, real-time data, high performance...

Master Data Governance

Data governance from a single-center, standard data with high quality, integrative process monitoring...

Data Analysis Reporting

Data analysis, cleansing, transformation, and modeling...

EIM (Enterprise Information Management)

Design tools used in EIM as well as SAP...

SAP Data Evaluation

SAP Master Data Governance; consistent, credible, and high-quality data...

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