Master Data Governance

Master data is the DNA of a business; the better it is governed, the easier it will be to achieve sustainable success. Each of the components making up your business, in other words, everything that is the primary asset of your company makes up master data. With our services in master data governance, we enhance the quality of the assets of enterprises and aim to always keep them at high levels.  


So, what does medepia offer through master data governance?


Integrative solutions offered by our company removes master data problems like inconsistency between systems. Having master data in IT systems with multiple sections, in duplicated and sometimes unconnected systems can create malfunctions. MDM organizes master data in the field of IT and provides centralized access to real data. And the first step in eSOA is credible master data objects... Remember that data that is not organized and categorized lead to false data analyses in enterprises. This, in turn, increases enterprise costs and may harm executive decision mechanisms. Confusion in master data prevents getting clear answers to many questions such as "Who is our client?", "Who is our best dealer?" and "In which regions or countries are our product sold the best?".  

With master data governance services that we provide here at medepia, we prevent this confusion from the start. We are always there for you with our experienced consultants for the control of your master data governance process.

What is SAP MDG?

In addition to your materials, clients, dealers, and datasets, financial or otherwise, your master data can be managed through a single platform in line with your improvable master data processes.

  • You can access your master data processes through Fiori or Web-based NetWeaver Business Client screens without the need for different screens. 
  • With standard reporting screens, processes can easily be analyzed in detail.
  • These screens are configured based on the needs of the enterprise and processes are conducted through user-friendly interfaces.
  • Single or collective activities of your master data go through approval flows in line with your processes. This way, your master data are formed consistently and credibly and can be easily transferred to other SAP or non-SAP systems.
  • Thereby removing operational workload affecting departments like production, sales, marketing, and finance, caused by data that are wrong or not up to date.
  • It saves great effort and time spent on separate management of master data processes governed in dispersed systems.
  • It provides analytical solutions for the control of your processes. It brings process duration to the top level with correct reports related to the follow-ups of requests and their status at the stage of approval.
  • It saves time as people in charge of the master data cycle receive automatic notifications.
  • It prevents errors faced in various systems with confirmation and data cleansing rules.

Data Quality

Today, it has started to have particular importance to increase the quality of data waiting to be used so that users can benefit from services in the best way possible. With the SAP MDG module in service, users can offer more innovative, consistent, and better-quality services for their clients.

S/4HANA Digital Transformation

Contrary to former ERP systems, with the digital and innovative transformation brought to you by S/4HANA, users do more than merely adapting to new technological developments. They also witness a great change including the analysis of the data visually and innovatively as well as solutions offered based on the most compatible SAP-based modules.

It should be inevitable today for enterprises that place importance on data quality to go through a digital transformation with S/4HANA. Why, you ask? S/4HANA provides enterprises with the following advantages:

  • S/4HANA memory works more efficiently.
  • It works with a better data compression technology.
  • It makes business processes more efficient and gets real-time data.
  • You can also increase work performance as you can prepare reports based on live data with S/4HANA.

The most important criterion for a smooth transmission into S/4HANA is data quality... This is exactly where medepia reveals its expertise. medepia is there for you to benefit from S/4HANA with no issues by cleansing your past data and increasing your data quality.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data analysis is the analysis, cleansing, transformation, and modeling of the data to find beneficial information, come to conclusions, and supporting decision-making processes. Reporting is of utmost importance for enterprises as it ensures accountability in terms of transparency and processes. In addition to increasing the accuracy of executive decisions, correct reporting also brings a professional outlook for the business. Remember, administrations that investigate, question, and demand corrections are always placed a step higher! SAP has various tools for data analysis and reporting. For example, you can analyze your data visually and in any desired manner using tools like Information Steward, data services. medepia brings solutions for data analysis and reporting processes with its well-equipped and strong team.

SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM)

SAP EIM involves information management and processing as a part of standard management reports like business intelligence, analytics, and master data governance. Enterprise Information Management (EIM) includes design tools in the SAP platform in addition to the Information Steward and Data Services platform. All these tools have many features that assist you in determining whether your data is clean, in keeping it clean, and in deciding how all these processes are to be implemented.

SAP EIM offers these solutions:

  • SAP Sybase Power Designer
  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP Information Steward
  • SAP Master Data Governance

SAP Data Evaluation

On the SAP ERP platform, data consistency and data quality are extremely important! The structure in SAP standard platforms and code blocks does not allow any kind of interference. These rigid rules ensure the continuity of correct data. In addition to consistency in data, it is also possible to reach the same outcome using the same criteria from quite different reports. SAP makes it possible to understand and assess corporate data, to confirm it, and to define rules compatible with the process. The main purpose in the structure built around strict rules is to have the data governed to be consistent, credible, and of high quality. Here, a data quality solution placed together with Master Data Governance by SAP comes in and enables a detailed categorization and analysis of the master data collected from different source systems.


SAP Fiori is the product of a more modern user experience offered by SAP that redesigns classical SAP screens in a way that is compatible with all devices. In general terms, Fiori UX represents a responsive client experience with easy-to-use customized for all devices and installation options. There are over 400 role-based SAP Fiori applications for various business departments like HR, finance, production, purchasing, and sales.

What are the advantages of SAP Fiori?

  • With Fiori improvements, applications can be used in a way that is customized for the user, the desired requirements can be met, and the application contents can be modified on demand. On top of that, it does not require much coding, either.
  • It provides the convenience of use in desired mobile operating systems.
  • Its user-friendliness is further increased by its compatibility with modern technological trends like "voice assistant".
  • It can finalize the analysis of information relating to data in the SAP system in visual and innovative ways.